1. Daf: Mine are useless too, high five!

    sir_rigel: Wait ... how would a three way high five work?

    sir_rigel: ... kinda sounds like for at least one participant it may hurt ...

    Daf: give with one hand, recieve with the other.

    sir_rigel: ... then wouldn't that be a ten five?

    Daf: No.

    sir_rigel: ... wait ... mistyped ... a high ten?

    Daf: NON!

    sir_rigel: ...

    sir_rigel: ok ...

    Daf: there are 10 fingers involved in a regular high five are there not?

    sir_rigel: For both participants, but I believe the phrase was coined with one participant in mind. as in receiving a high five, or Giving a High Five.

    Daf: To perform the 3 way high five maneuver. You hold the receiving hand low and the giving hand high. The high hand makes a downward motion to meet the receiving low hand.

    Daf: This way only one of your fives is high

    Daf: Bam

    Daf: Get scienced

    sir_rigel: But you only accounted for two hands then, not this mischievous third.

    Daf: humans only have 2 hands... usually

    sir_rigel: Indeed, though with the way you phrased it I thought you were talking about just the two participants, with one of them having their hand low, and the other participant having their hand high.

    Daf: you have your left hand low, receiveing a slap from the left person, and you are slaping the right person's hand. The right person is slapping the left persons hand.

    sir_rigel: ah. alrighty, now I get it.

    Daf: Creating a circular combustible cycle of high fives.

    quid: This is a weird conversation.

    sir_rigel: Shhh; we are sciencing now.

    Aba: just use both hands jesus

    Daf: And then Jesus took the five fingers and two hands and raised them up to heaven and high fived 5000 people. They all had their hands slapped and were satisfied.

    Daf: Amen

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  2. Facepalm indeed.

    Facepalm indeed.

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  3. photo



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  4. Welp .. the nose could use some serious work … but eh … Watermelon!

    Welp .. the nose could use some serious work … but eh … Watermelon!

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  5. … yay … more photoshop …

    … yay … more photoshop …

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  6. Welp … on the grounds of It’s been a while … Here is a pony … … also … boredom … (the greatest Motivator)

    Welp … on the grounds of It’s been a while … Here is a pony …

    … also … boredom … (the greatest Motivator)

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  7. frezned:








    New Doctor Who theme alterations for the 12th Doctor revealed.

    This is why I gave up on this show. I used to sit down on the bed and watch the old Doctor Who on T.V. with little brother and sister and my Mum. We used to absolutely love it. When the new Doctors showed up, still good! Really good. Then things started getting ridiculously mental and childish and stupid a little while after 11 showed up (don’t get me wrong, he’s a brilliant actor, and I don’t blame him for anything), and now the show had just fucking gone downhill. Please don’t tell me this is actual music for the new Doctor. Please just tell me it’s not. Jesus fucking Christ this show has been butchered.

    human life is incredible

    I hate the excessive need to “modernize” everything in TV. It’s like, this wouldn’t be so bad if they actually made it still feel sci-fi, but now it’s this weird new-age bullshit, like they’re trying too hard to be “progressive”. I know I’m making a big deal out of a THEME SONG maybe, but thing is, they’ll probably end up carrying this ideology into the series itself. Where the fuck are things going.

    it keeps happening

    Sometimes, I fucking hate Steven Moffat for what he’s done to Doctor Who. Look, I know I’m fairly new to the show-having only come in during Matt Smith’s first season, but I went back and watched every episode of the old series and Moffat has just completely altered the tone. He’s trying to make it his own creation, which is fucking despicable, to mess with something as perfect as Doctor Who. I know it’s just a theme song, and I know the difference isn’t that drastic, but it fucking sickens me sometimes.

    never forget my legacy

    Nah I think the people disagreeing with this move are right, like, this is a really weird and unnecessary departure from the iconic theme, and sure it matches the new mood of the show really well, so I can see were the owners of the show are coming from with the change, but honestly sometimes you have to accept that nostalgia actually matters, and even if you’re taking the show in a different direction Doctor Who is not Doctor Who without the Doctor Who *theme*, I mean it founded electronic music for gods sake! The only thing I would say about this one is it sounds a little dated like it’s a MIDI file but then again so does the very first Doctor Who theme so I imagine after one season or so with Capaldi as 12 (which I’m really looking forward to!) they will do a cooler remix of it like they did with the original theme, and once it’s been around for a while I think people will have got used to it and they’ll like it alot more.

    … Does No one recognize the Seinfeld Theme anymore? … Seriously?
    It’s not even that I’ve ever watched the show … Please, please tell me that someone else Heard that.

    Link for Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V2sBURgUBI

    (via dresdencodak)

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  8. So … it’s been a while … I probebly should be less conservitive of what I post on here … but anyway, here is a Unicorn Drooling over a Gyro!… Don’t worry, it’s made with mushroom, not lamb.

    So … it’s been a while …

    I probebly should be less conservitive of what I post on here … but anyway, here is a Unicorn Drooling over a Gyro!

    … Don’t worry, it’s made with mushroom, not lamb.

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  9. Try Saying Dating Data, a few times in a row, and tell me what happens!


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